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Tribute To Dick Clark At Dogwood Lane

An impromptu tribute to Dick Clark stands at the corner of Dogwood Lane and Plush Mill Road near his former Wallingford home. Clark past away last week at the age of 82, and is best known as the host of the television show American Bandstand.

Dick Clark resided at 308 Dogwood Lane in Wallingford during the early 1960’s while acting as host for the popular TV show. He moved to California in 1964 when the show was moved to the West Coast.

In a 1959 newspaper article of the time the purchase of the home on Dogwood Lane is reported:

Clark made a substantial down payment on a home under construction scheduled for completion in July or August. The 2 story, multi-level homes are in the $36,000 class, and have 5 bedrooms.

In January 1961 the Delaware County Times  reported that Clark made a surprise visit to the Junior Assembly dance for 7th and 8th graders at the Summit School, which is located across the street from the Clark house. He watched the latest dance craze, The Pony, and stayed to sign autographs.

Wallingford remembers America’s oldest teenager, and former Wallingford resident, Dick Clark.

Wallingford Real Estate - Wallingford, PA - Dogwood Lane - Tribute To Dick Clark

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